Monday, August 4, 2008

Apple Pie made by 4 and 5 years old Kids

My students are completely adorable though it can’t be avoided that they get wayward sometimes. Aside from their mischievousness, intelligence and creativity they can make “APPLE PIE”; yep at ages 4 and 5!!. Shame on me that the thing I can remember that I did when I was in kindergarten was just to eat :(

"Ok guys wait ur turn, I still have to make this dough flat and thin."

" The top design would be like this..."

"Use the tip of ur pointer finger, let's rub honey and milk on top, to make it tastier"

" Tadaaaa, there u go ready to eat...yum yum "

Monday, July 28, 2008

First Love

“First Love” (background song of my blog) is one of the much-loved songs of my team teacher. I can still hear her angelic voice whenever I listen to this song. It's sad that I failed to take a video of her singing this song.
Anyway, watch my sis in the video singing other song in a karaoke club, one of the places we go to unwind. (sorry 'tis jus a very short video,ran out of space in my memo card)

P.S. The Karaoke Club we often go offers "eat all u can" soft cream. (yummy)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

and I found a Second Family

Have I not found a second family in Japan feeling homesick could have been getting worst.
My step mom, my step sisters and my aunts as I call them were part of God’s package to me. It’s awesome to realize that despite of our racial and cultural differences we do have the same compassionate hearts.

our principal (my aunt), my co-teachers (my sisters), our asst. principal ( my other aunt)

other co-teacher daughter of our principal and a sis ( portugues-japanese) always worried about me when I get sick.

Mother of my team-teacher ( my step mom, I call her mama)
Behind us is the top view of Kawaguchiko Lake.

With my team-teacher at Gibli Museum